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AMJM's Jazz Guide in Catalonia

The Jazz Guide in Catalonia of the Association of Jazz Musicians and Modern Music of Catalonia (AMJM) is an online accessible database containing a selection of professional contacts within the jazz sector. This database acts as a management tool collecting all the information concerning the different members that are part of the jazz music sector in the Catalan field and shows, with a real perception, its richness and diversity.

Its purpose is to be a tool integrated by reliable structured data and become a guide of the sector that allows to have a clear and detailed vision of the current jazz industry, to give answers adapted to the acceleration and intensification of the changes between the members and to make possible studies about different quantitative and qualitative aspects of jazz in Catalonia.

The database is organized into 8 main sectors which collect information from the different specialized categories of the activity and are responsible for updating the industry concerned. Therefore, we have more than 40 categories and more than 800 descriptive elements. The Guide allows simple and advanced searches across different types of activities, geographical locations and musical genres within jazz, among others.

Through the Guide, users will be able to:
       - Consult the information in the database after registering as a consultant
       - Generate listings according to the criteria of each user (musician, geographical area, musical genre, etc.)
       - Print information listings
       - Customize mailing campaigns

All members of the sector can register in the database of one or more categories as consultant users and thus to register, modify or cancel their data. Likewise, every six months a reminder email will be sent to all users with a link where they can modify or cancel the data in case they have suffered variations.


This Jazz Guide in Catalonia has been developed by the Association of Jazz Musicians and Modern Music of Catalonia (AMJM).
       - Director for the Guide: Gemma Plans
       - Technical Advisor: Marta Casals
       - Contributors: Mario Rossy and Ignasi Terraza
       - Computer programmer: Marc Tula

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